ASSOCIATION DUES ASSURANCE CORPORATION (ADAC) is a Nationwide, Full-Service Company specializing in the respectful, cost-effective collection of delinquent association assessments. ADAC interacts with delinquent owners in a professional manner, remaining mindful that they are also neighbors, friends and voters at annual meetings.


YOUR BEST COLLECTION RESOURCE – ADAC is thorough, cost-effective and utilizes the proprietary ONYX Case Management System to collect delinquent assessments accurately and economically. ADAC is the nation’s leading collection agency specifically created to handle condominium and home owners delinquent association dues collections.

INNOVATIVE – FREE to customers, ONYX provides 24/7 real-time reporting of all case transactions and documents, providing full access to your files, as well as live staff customer support.

QUICK & EFFICIENT – ONYX advances your case in step with all legal requirements, saving property managers and boards valuable time. With its accounting accuracy and synchronized progression, ONYX is the industry’s leading assessment recovery tool.

COST-EFFECTIVE – Association flat-fees and other costs are applied to the delinquent account as legally permitted.

COMPREHENSIVE – ADAC returns delinquent cases to current paying status, working to prevent them from being lost to sale, refinance or bankruptcy. ADAC stays on the job until assessments are paid in full.

INFORMATIVE – In a professional, courteous and respectful manner, ADAC informs delinquent account owners that ALL association members are responsible for payment of assessments in-full and on-time.


Association Dues Assurance Corporation (ADAC) provides full-service support to association boards, management companies and attorneys in a responsive, next-desk-over relationship utilizing proven ONYX technology to help associations achieve the common goal of having all owners pay their share of assessments in-full and on-time. Our proprietary ONYX Case Management System is a powerful tool available to ADAC customers 24/7 via internet access, providing continually updated information on every account.

At ADAC, our skilled staff, working with a network of attorneys, accountants and software developers makes us the nation’s most effective and efficient delinquent association assessment collection resource.

ADAC’s experienced team is adept at navigating through bank foreclosures, tax foreclosures and bankruptcies that can impede the collections process. ADAC administers payoff requests, settlement negotiations and payment plans that are closely managed until account balances are brought up to date. Dedicated to serving the best interest of our customers, ADAC is well-versed in performing the collections process professionally and expediently while keeping association costs low and maintaining ONYX Case Management continuity.

ASSOCIATION DUES ASSURANCE CORPORATION (ADAC) a Full-Service Provider, brings years of Nationwide Collections Expertise to your Association. ADAC fully manages every step, including payment plans, using the ONYX Case Management System to cost-effectively return files to paid-in-full status. ONYX provides your association with 24/7 real-time access to all case transactions and documents, as well as live staff customer support.

ADAC provides all of the following services (as needed) as well as many other services not listed:

  • Case set-up and title research to verify ownership
  • Initial demand letter with FDCPA disclosures
  • Lien processing and mailing of required notices to owner
  • Mailing of reminder letters and necessary pre-foreclosure notices (as needed)
  • Providing support to attorney(s)
  • Responses to account inquiries
  • Processing necessary releases and foreclosures by advertisement (as needed)
  • Dispute resolution and debt verification responses
  • Payment plan negotiation and management per association guidelines
  • Monitoring lender foreclosures, bankruptcy proceedings and submitting proofs of claim
  • Rent diversion demands where permitted
  • Support for eviction proceedings and subsequential rental of properties after foreclosure (as needed)
  • Assistance in obtaining rental agreements, land contracts or other documents

Let us show you how ADAC can help your management company or association recover delinquent assessments more effectively and more efficiently.

Please contact us anytime toll free at 866-608-ADAC (2322) or email us.